Best Practices Project : Phase 2 – Review

Review the Impact of COVID-19 on Field Service

Leverage the collective experience and knowledge with your peers

  • Develop and embed more sustainable measures to cope with COVID-19 for a longer period
  • Rethink the best strategies to succeed in a potential economic downturn
  • Strategically rethink how to fast-track innovation of your service business and the business model as a whole and thrive in an accelerated market disruption
  • Understand the changing concerns, challenges and opportunities
  • Know the tactics and strategies of leading manufacturers
  • Learn how your peers execute and close the knowing-doing gap
  • Have a clear picture of the different scenarios for an economic recession and potential disruptions
  • Build an adequate and adaptive strategy to overcome the longer-term impact of COVID-19
  • Prepare an execution plan
  • Get critical stakeholders on board  

April, May and June, we will 

  • Interview experts and service leaders
  • Host group discussions between peers 
  • Prepare practical guides and job aids for you to use internally in your business
  • Host Q&A sessions to make sure that you are well supported to execute the best practices

Who is joining

  • Global heads of services
  • Regional service leaders
  • Service strategy directors
  • Experts in service competence centres
  • Internal consultants  

The biggest risk right now: Staying in reactive and survival mode

You have been working hard for the last months to mitigate the immediate impact of COVID-19 on your services business. This was pretty tough and new, with a lot of uncertainties.

It is not over yet.

Most of you are now starting to think about the longer-term impact, and may even see opportunities to accelerate service innovations, like remote services and technologies.


Here is the problem

We still do not have the crystal ball. It is hard to tell;

  • How long COVID-19 will limit the way you can offer your services
  • How your clients’ needs and expectations will change in the short term and longer-term 

At the same time, you may see;

  • an increase in demand for maintenance services 
  • a dramatic increase in pressure on costs
  • your clients demanding lower prices
  • delay of any (financial) investments

This will have a huge effect on your service operations and possibilities to invest in development.

One of your biggest risks is to jump to the wrong critical conclusions or to get stuck in survival mode.

It would be a shame and harmful if you would reinvent the wheel and go in trial-and-error mode, while your peers are going through exactly the same journey.

You are not alone

In our moreMomentum Services Community, we leverage the collective experiences, practices and knowledge on critical topics. 

That is why we have started a Best Practices Projects to collectively overcome the impact of COVID-19. 

We follow a 3-step strategy to overcome the crisis.

The Best Practices Project for Phase 1: Rapid Response to COVID-19 started in March and will be finalised in May. You can access the "Ultimate Guide for Phase 1: Rapid Response to overcome the impact of COVID-19" and other resources of the project in this moreMomentum Community Platform.

In April, we started the Best Practices Project Phase 2 - Review and Outlook.

Avoid getting stuck

Manufacturers which are not able to continuously adapt and innovate, even when the pressure is high, will;

  • Fall behind competition
  • See unnecessary decline in revenue and profit
  • Not benefit from the new opportunities of today 
  • Lose their best clients  
  • See employee engagement drop and their talents move to the successful companies 
  • Ultimately run the risk of not surviving the disruption or next economic recession 

Be one of the leaders in your industry

  • Get control in these uncertain times
  • Adequately address threats and turn them into opportunities
  • Pursue new opportunities to lead the industry and set your business apart
  • Execute with confidence, closing the knowing-doing gap
  • Retain and attract talents
  • Feel more reward from hard work

€250, isn't that too cheap?

Yes, it is, for a good reason.

Because multiple participants together cover the cost for this Best Practices Project, we can keep the fee very low and still provide good value.

We believe this is even more important than before, to avoid investments for you in these challenging times.

Your benefits

  • Prepare an adequate and practical strategy

    Prepare your strategy and plan to overcome COVID-19 on the short-term, mid-term and longer-term.

  • Do not reinvent the wheel

    Leverage the collective experience, knowledge and insights of your peers across the world. Avoid unnecessary and expensive trial-and-error.

  • Adapt and Thrive

    Avoid the survival mode (wait and see till the crisis is over) and get on the fence to turn threats into opportunities beyond immediate mitigation of the short term impact of COVID-19.

The entire Best Practices Project will take 12 weeks.

In the first two phases, we will do interviews and group sessions with participants, interview other experts and run a survey.

After 4-6 weeks you will get the deliverables like;

  • Survey report
  • Best Practices report, including  guiding principles for the implementation
  • Summary slide-deck
  • SWOT assessment worksheet
  • Work packages and job-aids

During the second half of the project we will host several webinars and Q&A sessions. We will discuss the deliverables and ensure you really get practical from the Best Practices we revealed and developed. 

So, it is all about closing the "Knowing-Doing" - Gap!

What you will get

  • Survey report of developments and views in the services industry

  • Best Practices report

  • Strategies to implement and execute the best practices

  • SWOT assessment package

  • Job-Aids to prepare your strategy

  • Access to live interviews with experts and peers

  • Webinars about the results and deliverables

  • Live Q&A sessions with experts and peers

  • New members in your network of peers


Follow a solid plan, even if time is limited

  • Recordings of webinars and Q&A sessions

    Watch and process the interviews and webinars at convenient times without disturbing your job.

  • 1-1 consultation

    Bespoke and confidential advice on your strategy and approach to implementing the Best Practices (€425, available complimentary if you sign up before April 30).

Your Guide - Jan van Veen

Speaker | Author | Moderator | Advisor

Founder & Managing Director

Jan van Veen

Jan van Veen has been in manufacturing for almost 20 years now, predominantly as a consultant. As a co-founding partner, he grew an international service management consultancy in 9 years. He has been working with many medium-sized manufacturers and dozens of Fortune500 companies in driving growth, profitability and customer loyalty through service innovation. Jan is executive advisor, author and international speaker. His mission is to accelerate the transition of the manufacturing sector during disruptive periods.

Join the leading pack

Together, we can lead the transition in our businesses and industries

This Best Practices Project is the ideal way to get the best insights from the industry and develop your strategy and plan without reinventing the wheel, making the same mistakes some of your peers already made. And you don't have to pay for expensive consultants.

Money Back Guarantee

If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied

That is why we will give you your money back without any conditions. For sure, we will ask you some questions to learn from your experience - while the money is on its way back to you. This guarantee is valid till 60 days after you signed up.


  • How long will the Best Practices Project take?

    In total 3 months: - 2 weeks for the preparation and interviews - 2 weeks for the survey and analysis - 2 weeks for preparing the deliverables - 6 weeks for Q&A sessions to support you in applying the best practices

  • When will the deliverables be available?

    The deliverables will be ready in 4-6 week after the launch of the Best Practices Project (April 20).

  • How will I get access to the resources?

    All deliverables, recordings of webinars and Q&A sessions will be available on our Community Platform. You can access this with your login credentials.

  • How long will I have access to the resources?

    You will have access to the deliverables and recordings until 3 months after the Best Practices Project has ended.

  • Can my colleagues join?

    The registration/membership is for one person only, for you personally. You will have access to the resources, webinars and Q&A sessions with your credentials. However, we encourage you to share the deliverables with your colleagues. In case your colleagues want to access all resources, recordings and join the live Q&A sessions, we ask you to let him/her sign up for the Best Practices Project too. The fee is dead-cheap, also if you need to pay for 2 people.

  • Why is the fee (€250) that dead cheap?

    We will have several participants joining the Best Practices Project, so you are all sharing our costs to run and execute the Best Practices Project. Today, we believe this is even more important than before, to avoid investments for you in these challenging times.

Hope to see you around

We were already entering disruptive change, Covid-19 may make it more challenging and critical

The good thing is, you are not alone.

We, in the moreMomentum Service Community, exchange and leverage each others experience, knowledge and practices.

That way we all boost our learning curves and avoid reinventing the wheel.

I really hope you will be part of it.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,